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Ethical Service Automation & Ethical Sourcing Advisory


Ethical, Automated, Lean, Secure

At Aidiation our expert consulting team helps you develop, implement and evolve Ethical Service Automation and Ethical Strategic Sourcing across your organisation.

Our Services

At Aidiation we’re hands on and flexible enough to be able to model our services to meet the specific needs of your organisation, and of course help you identify those needs if they’re not yet clear. Our service offering includes Research, Advisory and Managed Service Solutions as well as Coaching and Training at all levels.

Our Services


We’ll journey with you through the Aidiation Roadmap, considering your Business Strategy and Technology Strategy in the development of an Ethical Automation Strategy and Ethical Sourcing Strategy that complement each other to maximise your organisation’s TVO. 


We’ll engage, communicate, coach and up skill your team to ensure that positive organisational change translates to positive developments for employees, customers, shareholders, whilst considering environment concerns to enhance your CSR commitments. 


We’ll capture, review, identify, recommend, plan and improve your processes with first principles being Robotic Process Automation (RPA) else we’ll Lean. Build Back Better mandates a thorough approach to ensure strategic thinking is optimised.

Think big!


We’ll deliver against your Ethical Service Automation Strategy, with the first wave of RPA implementations likely to deliver upwards of 40% ROI in year 1, and with TVO enhanced by an ethical approach, supporting a P-Base transformation and having a multiplier effect across your organisation,  whilst contributing to the establishment of an RPA CoE, creating a platform for Cognitive Automation (CA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in years 2 & 3. 


We’ll deliver against your Ethical Strategic Souring Strategy by taking your P-Base to market using the Aidiation Standard, where in a post COVID market place, the New Normal will consider localisation, virtual teams, carbon footprints, recycling, digitisation, automation, shared services, data, reporting and technology platforms with far greater esteem than ever before, with ethics, value add and supply chain risk management being highly ranked. 


We’ll ensure that the benefits associated with complementary Ethical Service Automation and Ethical Souring Strategies are realised by your organisation, delivering a quadruple win in terms of enhanced shareholder, employee, customer and environmental outcomes, that will delight your stakeholders, enhance your brand, enhance your CSR commitments and help to future proof your organisation, whilst complementing strategic imperatives. 

Ethical, Automated, Lean, Secure

“Most companies fail with Service Automation.”

Jody Ade Coker
MD of Aidiation.Consulting


All Companies Must Build Back Better Else Face An Existential Threat

Is the absence of an Ethical Service Automation Strategy making your company unproductive? Is the lack of an Ethical Sourcing Strategy damaging your reputation and haemorrhaging you company money? Is a lack of strategic thinking and connectedness driving a focus on ROI instead of TVO? Failure to properly invest in the development and delivery against an Ethical Service Automation Strategy and an Ethical Souring Strategy will be adversely impacting your Shareholders, Employees and Customers, guaranteeing a triple loss for you key stakeholders whilst facilitating unacceptable organisational risk. 

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