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Why Choose


Our Leader

Managing Director at Aidiation Jody Ade Coker

Jody co-founded Aidiation in 2019 as a research and development platform for the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) related technologies. Today Aidiation boasts a core team of highly-respected commercial and technical experts focussed on the delivery of service automation solutions. Jody’s career summary includes 7 years of Business Information Systems research, and more than 17 years of procurement and digitisation at leading organisations globally. Educated at the London School of Economics, the University of Salford Business School and Sheffield Hallam University’s School of Computer Science, Jody’s early scientific research in systems and data led to him to co-founding a software company developing databases and APIs in the construction industry. After a post with AstraZeneca, Jody spent 5 years in commercial and digitisation roles with General Electric (GE) managing regional projects in Europe and Australasia.

Continuing in Australia, after a post with Deloitte, Jody spent four years establishing a strategic procurement function for Origin Energy, on behalf of Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas (APLNG) a $16BN joint venture between Sinopec, ConocoPhillips and Origin. Most recently Jody has been based out of the UAE, where after a post with an Abu Dhabi based sovereign wealth fund, Jody took up a consulting position with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi before an expanded regional strategic procurement role with Serco Middle East.

Our Mission

To establish Aidiation as the go to firm for the development and delivery of Service Automation Strategy aligned to Ethical Sourcing Strategies that help you make a difference.

Our Vision

We have a vision to be one of the world’s most influential Ethical Service Automation companies, helping our clients’ shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and ultimately our children win through the adoption of ethical automation and supply chain management. 

Our Values

Integrity: We earn trust by advocating the highest standards and ethics in our approach


Service: We aim to delight clients’ shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and our children through the embracement of automation technology and Ethical Souring to pay forward, transform and future proof your business


Global Team: We work with our global network to deliver the change you're yet to imagine 


Experience: We work with your organisation to make things better


Innovate: We enable continuous improvement through the establishment of Ethical Service Automation Strategies and the adoption of ethical automation and supply chain management

Our Partners

Whilst our current focus is on growing operations in the UK, the Middle East and Australasia, our associations provide us with a global footprint spanning a wide range of industries and specialisations, and as we grow we continue to look at the strategic partnerships that we can establish to help meet our business objectives.

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